Our Services 


As SOOCE, we are developing native Mobile Applications in both iOS and Android languages in order to provide solutions to various needs in different sectors. At the beginning of our priorities in our mobile projects, it is aimed to have a positive experience with the applications that are used by the users and therefore with the brands that the application belongs to. In line with this goal, we implement all our applications in line with a specific mobile strategy.

Mobile eCommerce Projects

With our e-Commerce Projects, we enable our customers to spread their sales activities to the mobile world. Thanks to user-friendly applications that we have developed with up-to-date technologies in accordance with brand values, we are making successful projects that have gained the appreciation of users and companies.

Sectoral Mobile Projects

As SOOCE, we develop sectoral applications as a solution to the needs that arise from companies that show up in different sectors or the needs that arise in the sectors. We sometimes produce solutions to make the interaction between the firm and the client more successful for the needs of our firms in their internal affairs.


As SOOCE, we are trying to contribute our solutions to the studies of the electronic movement of trade life. Digitizing invoicing process provide more flexibility, authorization and survaillence also reduces errors.

Connector Solutions

Thanks to its advanced interfaces, users can complete the entire process of the solution from the connector applications. Connector applications make query-based database connections with accounting systems. For this reason, querries can be written about all accounting systems. Connector applications can be integrated for data extraction with all leading database systems such as SQL, Oracle, Firebird, MySQL. Connector applications are constantly being developed in line with the user's experience in the ongoing process, and these features are improved and their use is made even easier. In connector applications, more than one company, user, templates providing design and working areas providing connection with accounting systems can be created. In this case, the process of a single company can be carried out by many users, and in the same way many firms can be operated by a single user.

eInvoice, eArchive & eDispatch

It is a complete integration solution developed to provide direct connection between user systems and Revenue Administration systems.


It is an e-Ledger application approved by the Revenue Administration, which is developed to provide direct connection between user systems and Revenue Administration.

eInvoice Design

E-Invoice and e-Archive We develop and offer for usage of your .xslt files that give you visual design for invoices in accordance with your desired design. We are working professionally with our experienced team who has prepared many design files to different needs in different sectors.


As SOOCE, we produce ERP solutions that are specific to the ERP systems that companies manage all business processes, will make their employees easier, increase their productivity and enhance coordination among them.


With the e-Reconciliation solution we developed for companies to manage reconciliation processes electronically, users can easily perform the following operations from our desktop application

E-Reconciliation agreements are sent via e-mail to their counterparts through application. Through the link in the mail sent, the addressees can reach these agreements and return the answers to the agreements. The latest status of sent e-Reconciliations can be monitored from the application screen


With this application developed as SOOCE, it is ensured that the data in the ERP system can be interpreted as information. Thanks to these reports, business processes can be followed and analyzed more accurately and easily.

Bespoke Software Solutions

As SOOCE, we develop customized solutions by developing desktop, web and mobile applications in line with the needs and demands of companies.